Empowering & Strengthening Children & Families

Our Mission

“To provide programs and services essential to an individual’s emotional well-being and the success of our community, as well as the protection and empowerment of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

If you, or a family member, are in need of any of these services, we encourage you to contact us via email or telephone for information or an appointment.

Counseling Office and Support Services Center:
(734) 241-0180

Domestic Violence Hotline:
(734) 242-7233 (SAFE)

Need Help? Call (734) 242-7233 (SAFE)

Programs & Services

Counseling Program

Since 1966, we have been providing professional and compassionate counseling services to the families,
children, and individuals of Monroe County and surrounding areas, with an emphasis on family
preservation and services for those that might not otherwise have access.

Sunrise House

Lighting a path from the darkness that is domestic violence to a safe haven, empowerment, and a new and independent life.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Assisting domestic violence batterers in changing behaviors and beliefs, reducing risk to women and children, and helping to break the chain of violence within our community.

Making a Difference

“The parenting class was very well put together and extremely helpful for understanding a child’s mind.”

Counseling Client

“I actually really enjoyed anger management. The class has given me peace, understanding, and clarity.”

Counseling Client

“My counselor is great at seeing different sides of things and making it easy to talk to and listen to her.”

Counseling Client

“This class has given me major tools to help cope and recognize my own anger.”

Counseling Client

“This is a great place to be; all staff is very nice and helpful!”

Counseling Client

“The openness made class easy.”

Counseling Client

“I really appreciated all the concern from the ladies here at the shelter. I feel so
good knowing I came here. It was a scary transition but the love from the staff
made it better. While at the shelter I learned how helpful strangers can be.”

Shelter Client

“Perseverance is key! Never give up. I am grateful for all the guidance, support,
help, and motivation I received while here. I hope I can inspire someone else to
never give up. Thank you to the staff for the countless times you provided…food,
talks and advice. Me and my children are truly blessed.”

Shelter Client

“When I arrived at the shelter it was a new experience for me and my children.
The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful. I feel during this process, I not
only gained back a part of myself but also strength and power.”

Shelter Client

“Excellent shelter. Staff goes above and beyond. Could not have made it without

Shelter Client

“Everyone was amazing. I gained my self worth back.”

Shelter Client

“This place exceeded my expectations. It really helped me get my life back on

Shelter Client


Ways to Give

Help By Supporting Positive Change Within Our Communities Today!

We greatly appreciate your help while we continue our mission to help those in need of mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault services within our community.